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Dog Heaven - (There is Only) Dog Heaven ESM0064

London based garage grunge punks DOG HEAVEN debut LP co released with Rad Girlfriend Records in USA.

It’s a powerful racket, but doused in chaotic slop and effortless pop melodies. The band cite Neil Young as a big influence, but it’s ol’ Shakey as filtered through the fuzz-laden warmth of early Teenage Fanclub and the sublime rush of Nirvana; melodies to the fore, and thoroughly addictive ones to boot.

Track Listing

  1. Dog Heaven
  2. Kiss Me (I'm A Toad)
  3. Gone Too Long
  4. Quarantine Song
  5. Miserable World
  6. Slip Away
  7. No Stuff
  8. Walk Alone
  9. This Could Be Our Goodbye
  10. True Love

Pressing Information

100 on Red 12" Vinyl
100 on Black 12" Vinyl
100 on Mystery Colour 12" Vinyl (every copy is completely different/random!)