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GENN - Liminal ESM0063

For fans of Hole, Warpaint, Dream Wife and The Lovely Eggs. Ġenn (pronounced Jenn) are Brighton-based, trans-national, genre-blenders but with a huge nod to 90's alt / grunge sound. The lyrical vibe of the record though is very current as vocalist Leona Farrugia explains "When I was writing this song's lyrics, I was thinking about the current political situation… with Covid, Brexit, BLM... The chorus is written in the style of a Maltese expression.... In Malta, when someone is seen as 'evil', there's a tendency to say that you're gonna pray for someone's soul since this particular person needs your prayers to be saved… ”

Track Listing

  1. Feel
  2. Mackerel's Funky Mission
  3. 23rd March
  4. Catalyst
  5. Just Another Sad Song
  6. Falling Out

Pressing Information

1st Pressing
200 on Blue/White Swirl 12" Vinyl
100 on Red 12" Vinyl

2nd Pressing
500 on Eggplant Purple 12" Vinyl